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Andrew Blunt, AAMS, CFP®


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Series 7, 63, 65; Colorado Insurance (Life & Health)

Advisors are not always born, they are often forged in circumstance of a “prior life.” Andrew Blunt is one such advisor. After enjoying the success of building and flourishing a small construction company, he sought a way to redirect his love for numbers and inspiring professional success and confidence in others. Rather than utilize those talents to build something, he decided to use them to build-up others.

Andrew dedicates his advisory efforts to instilling in his clients the kind of confidence that comes with knowing they have a plan for their  financial future. He is the everyman who believes everyone is entitled to a confident future. A unique ability to communicate the complexities of financial planning is the key to the relationship he has with his clients.

Andrew is an alumnus of Colorado State University. He volunteers as a board member for the Denver Community Credit Union. A Colorado native, Andrew enjoys an active life with his wife Kirsten, daughter Abigail, son Jackson, and a big drooling dog named Otis. Some of their favorite activities are concerts, basketball games, and even the occasional day spent relaxing and curled up with a good book.

Heather Litz Pacheco, AAMS, CFP®


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Series 7, 65, 66; Colorado Insurance (Life & Health)

The ability to really listen to a client and hear beyond the surface of their words and through to the truest desires of their heart is an important quality for any financial advisor to possess. Without this trait, no amount of experience, education, software, or product can truly meet a need.

Heather Pacheco has always had a passion for serving others. She has dedicated her professional efforts to carefully identifying and changing misconceptions about basic budgeting, financing, and investments, and protecting individuals from those who would prey on common misinformation. She is a champion for her clients and their right to a bright future and optimistic goals.

Heather earned her degree from Colorado State University. Outside of the office, she is a proud mom of some academic superstars, a skier, mountain biker, and ball-pocketing recreational golfer. While she may cut corners on the links, she is a meticulous DIY’er and enjoys home improvement projects. She is currently engaged with an organization to help rebuild undeserved neighborhoods in the Denver Metro area.

Dean D. Dowson

Financial Advisor

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(303) 388-5573

Series 7, 66; Colorado Insurance (Life, Variable Life, & Health)

Seeking a better understanding of his own finances and to develop a more positive experience with money, Dean began his own journey in the world as a financial advisor in 2007. His fundamental goal was to change the culture around money and, in turn, to pass that power on to others. Dean’s job as an advisor does not end at managing money; he is also managing the greed, hope, and fear that goes with it. These traits are big influencers that need to be understood and addressed to begin a successful financial journey. This relationship can only exist with honesty and trust, the cornerstone of Dean’s practice.

Dean’s range of focus include customized portfolio management, insurance evaluation, and retirement planning with a focus on individual client account management and financial plan development. Before Dean transitioned into financial services, he was a partial owner and sales manager who assisted in the planning and operations of several Denver based auto dealerships in the Denver metro area. Dean holds the Series 7 and 66 FINRA registrations, Life, Health and Variable life licenses and Long-Term Care Certificate with the State of Colorado Division of Insurance. Additionally, he holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Idaho.

Dean is married and has two children. He enjoys the outdoors, especially hiking, snowboarding, wake boarding and snowshoeing. Philanthropically, he participates in The Mankind Project, and the Challenge Day. He previously served on the Board of Trustees for the Fountain Valley School and Chaired the Investment Committee. He longs for a retirement that includes his own dive shop in a location that requires a passport stamp.