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Dean D. Dowson

Dean is on a constant quest to be a better person, father and advisor. His involvement in the Mankind Project leads him in how he approaches his clients. He says his real job is to manage clients’ greed, hope and fear. Dean started his career in the auto business, but that didn’t align with his vision of helping people. He moved to insurance, then became an advisor and joined Cooney in 2018. Dean’s philosophy is that money is energy that allows clients to do more in life.

Dean is a debt geek. He always looks to see how to put debt to work for clients. He says that debt is the one thing that clients can control, so use it to build wealth. He specializes in working with entrepreneurs and small businesses, helping people embrace their emotions which are tied to their wealth.

When Dean leaves the office, he focuses on his wife and two kids, a daughter in her 20s and a son in grade school. He loves the outdoors from the mountains to the sea, and believes “There’s no end to a boy’s imagination.”

Fun Fact Dean has been to five of the seven continents. Africa and Antarctica are on his list.

Ideal Retirement Dean looks forward to continuously trading mountains with beaches around the world where he can mountain bike, golf and explore.