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Heather Litz-Pacheco

Heather Litz-Pacheco


Heather believes there’s never a bad time to talk about wealth management. She has an obsession, tenacity and passion for what she does. Mainly, she wants to help people avoid mistakes. Heather thought she’d go to law school and then into the FBI. Then she found the thrill of investments, and learned the business at a large brokerage firm. While it was exciting, Heather felt unfulfilled. After the birth of her first child, she discovered Cooney Associates in 2004. Here, Heather found her super power of engaging and educating clients. In addition, Heather also drives the education and marketing components for Cooney. Her most recent accomplishment is establishing a chapter of the W Source™ for West Denver.

Heather’s passion is planning, education and risk mitigation. In her own words, she tries “to break the client’s plan to make sure it works under worst-case scenarios.” She loves working with young people and through her own experience with loss and understanding of a blended family, she is keenly aware of the need for multigenerational planning.

Outside of the office Heather dives into the usual Colorado sports, skiing, hiking and mountain biking. She and her husband have four kids, two by blood and two by love—and Cooney’s Mascot, Nala.

Fun Fact Heather is a Certified Latent Print Technician (fingerprint examiner) who is certified to work for local law enforcement agencies in the State of Colorado.

Ideal Retirement In the future, you’ll find Heather in a Colorado ski town, drinking coffee and reading in the bookstore she owns. She may consider hiring her husband as her barista.