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Our clients tell us that one of the most beneficial aspects of working with us is that we are proactive in collaborating with their other professional advisors. We believe that everyone should have three trusted and independent advisors: an accountant, an attorney, and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™.

As a client seeking help, the burden of coordinating these professionals shouldn’t have to fall on your shoulders. For many of our clients, we serve as a financial conductor of sorts, working alongside their other advisors to help ensure their best interests are being served. One of the chief reasons we find ourselves in this role is because we do not impose any additional fees on the client for assisting them in this manner.

In today’s world of complex tax, legal, and investment rules and regulations, this coordination between professionals has never been more important. Each professional brings a unique perspective to the table allowing for a comprehensive approach to a clients’ total financial picture. With two people in our office holding the CFP® designation, we understand where these professions overlap and how they affect your entire financial picture.

If you do not have an attorney who focuses on estate planning, or a trusted accountant, we can recommend several professionals for you to interview.

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