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About Our Company

Our Primary Purpose

Established in 1957, Cooney Associates is a full service, high personal touch wealth management firm with over 86 years of combined industry experience. We are locally owned and dedicated to providing our clients with holistic financial advice, investment advisory services, and financial planning services. Our investment professionals work as a team to help our clients plan well, invest confidently, and live their best lives.

Our Primary Purpose

At Cooney Associates, we understand that the accumulation of wealth can bring extraordinary opportunities, as well as increased responsibilities and even confusion. The all too familiar challenge of how to build a bridge between your financial needs of today and your dreams for tomorrow raises important questions: What are my financial goals? How can I avoid running out of money in retirement? What amount of risk is right for me? Is there a way to reduce my taxes? Who can I turn to for sound advice?

Add to these questions the difficulty of keeping pace with the ever-changing markets and information overload in the world in which we live. Today’s investment environment is dynamic, with economies and markets in motion all day – every day – across the globe. Now, more than ever, making informed and intelligent investment decisions is time-consuming and requires a very high level of knowledge and experience. Some investors have the time, resources and special skills to manage their own portfolios-- Most don’t.

Many of our most successful clients came to us feeling frustrated with the lack of advice and direction they received elsewhere. Our depth of knowledge and commitment to ensuring that you have the information necessary to make good choices about your financial goals and objectives is what we are passionate about.

Your needs, market conditions, and the financial landscape are constantly changing. A sound financial plan and investment strategy is essential so that you can enjoy your life now while planning for your future. We believe that to pursue financial health, financial planning and investments can’t be static; they must remain dynamic – just like you, just like life. 

Our process focuses on understanding you, your goals and your vision for your future. We will help you to clarify your life goals and then provide recommendations and sound advice to link those objectives to specific investment strategies. We monitor and measure your progress against the very goals we have helped you establish. Knowing that your assets are aligned today to help meet your life goals of tomorrow provides a freedom—your life and wealth in balance. Through this process, we help each client to plan well, invest with confidence and live their best life, thus our tagline is Plan. Invest. Live. – we look forward to helping you do just that.

We believe investments are a means to an end; that portfolios should be constructed based on a thorough understanding of your financial situation and goals. We believe that having access to an assortment of asset allocation approaches, portfolio strategists and investment and preservation strategies can better help ensure your portfolio addresses your specific circumstances. Whether you are focused on accumulating wealth, structuring the wealth you’ve already accumulated to meet income or other distribution needs, or providing a legacy for future generations, we are committed to making investment recommendations that are non-biased—reflecting only our assessment and analysis of your needs.

You’ve worked hard for your money. The question now is, how do you make your money work for you?

“If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up someplace else.”

― Yogi Berra

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