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Blythe Gonzales

Blythe Gonzales


Never has a title so under-described the importance of a person. Blythe is the Swiss Army Knife of Cooney Associates. She makes sure that everything gets done when it’s supposed to get done, and that it’s all done to high standards. Blythe interacts with clients, develops the Cooney newsletter, schedules, reschedules and ensures that meetings happen. Blythe also makes sure that every communication that leaves Cooney meets compliance standards. She says, “I get the office burdens out of the way so the advisors can focus on our clients.” Before coming to Cooney in 2021, Blythe worked in a medical device consultancy which prepped her for the rules, regulations, and privacy of the finance world.

Blythe grew up in a large family in San Diego. She loves her Mexican-Hispanic heritage and is a fluent Spanish speaker. Her grandparents instilled in her a love for the Padres (sorry, Rockies fans), and loves watching all sports—especially when accompanied by some wings. In 2021 she fulfilled her lifelong dream of moving to Colorado. At Cooney, Blythe says she “lucked out” finding a great place to work. She’s the stepmother of her husband’s two young sons, Junior and Rambo, and pet mom to Robin and Bagheera.

Fun Fact Blythe met her husband playing bar trivia and loves reminiscing on her trip to Cork, Ireland.

Ideal Retirement In the future, you’ll find Blythe splitting time between her hometown of San Diego and a Colorado retreat. If not in either place, she and her husband will be traveling the country selling cupcakes out of her food truck while hitting every national park in the U.S.